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For only $10.00 per horse ($15 for 2 photos) for a one year subscription!! The $10 also includes ONE free photo change - $5 per photo change after that. Change of text is Free!

Put your horse out there for EVERYBODY to see!
Photos sent by "snail mail" will be returned or you can email the photo to us.

**Advertise 4 or more horses at one time and one is *FREE*!!

OR we'll be glad to give you a quote to have your own ranch page on this site like some of the other ranches you see in the Site Menu on the Home Page! Again, subscriptions are good for a full year!

NOTE: Ranch pages require 4 or more horses for sale at all times.

Stallion Depot - Promote Your Stallion

Advertise your stallion under "Stallion Depot" for only *$10 per year!

Best stallion promotion available!

We'll link your ad to your stallion page on YOUR web site


We will create a page just for your stallion with your photo, write up, and pedigree.

Go to the SAMPLE PAGE to see how your ad could look with your logo, stallion photo and write up.

*Price includes 1 photo. If we create a page for you under the Stallion Depot, you can add extra photos for only $5 additional for each!

How To Submit Your Ad ->

This page has been disabled. Please contact us if you have any questions or we can be of assistance.

Be sure to name the photos so we can match it up with your ad request.

**NOTE!! PLEASE re-size your photos to 500 pixels (about 4") in width. Thanks!

Or send by regular mail to the mailing address below.
Note: All photos sent by regular mail will be returned as soon as scanned.

You can make your payment through PayPal (payment button below)
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We'll get your ad up as soon as we receive your info, photo(s) and payment. Payment accepted by check or PayPal.

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We'd love to hear from you so give us a call or email us with any questions!

Jeanie Stewart
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Rusk, Tx. 75785

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A note to advertisers!

BE AWARE! Folks are still receiving emails from 'crooks' trying to scam them on the purchase of their horses. They will say they are from England and some from Scotland and some from Africa or someplace else overseas. If you get anything that looks the least bit strange, throw it away. You can tell by the questions asked (or not asked) and other key information exchanged if they are legit or not. Where there are a lot of honest horse folks overseas, these other folks try to say they will send you more than you're asking so you can reimburse the shipper. Some have even gone as far as to send a legitimate looking cashier's check drawn on a US bank but in fact is nothing more than a well done forgery. This is just a trick to get your money. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, then you can bet it's a scam! There have been dozens of articles in the trade journals and emails sent around about these crooks. We're on to them!

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